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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Epson Stylus Photo R2880 ink Cartridges – T0961 to T0969

Epson inkjet printer are the fast growing printers for the home user due t the high volume cycle of the ink cartridges. There are of course lots of deals online available at the various online printer shop. Deals are different on different printers.  That’s why popularity of the Epson ink cartridges is increasing day to day in the UK.  One of the examples of Epson inkjet printer is Epson R2880. If you bought the OEM version of the Epson R2880 ink cartridge it will cost around the £94 but if you but the compatible ink cartridge for your R2880 printer it will cost only £ 23.99   this figure is about the all 9 ink cartridge that’s compatible with the Epson photo R2880 printer.  Almost all online cartridge shop delivers your product free of cost but is it free of cost or you are paying for it?

Obvious most of the user uses the black version of the ink cartridges in respect to colour versions that’s why we have much less discount on the Black version of all Epson ink cartridges.  We have option to buy more and save more, if you are a frequently user of black ink cartridges you must have to buy ink in bulk otherwise it will increase your over all printing cost. And if you are a user of both colour and Black ink cartridges then you must have to choose the multipack version in which you will save almost 60% and above.  Sometime it becomes very difficult to obverse how to prolong the life of your Ink cartridges

In conclusion, we feel that the Epson R2880 compatible ink cartridges are great value for money when buying a full set, they give good quality prints and we have found that the brand we use bought at  do not give us any problems with clogged heads and the colors are strong and vibrant.

In Epson Stylus Photo R2880 T0961 T0962 T0963 T0964 T0965 T0966 T0967 T0968 T0969 ink cartridges are compatible. We have huge range of Epson R2880 ink Cartridges

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Prolong the life of your Ink cartridges

Save Inks

Ink cartridges are expensive to buy even if you buy these printer inks very cheap from It might cost you more than toner cartridges, although buying prices of inkjet cartridges are mostly cheaper than laser toners. However, some steps, if taken by you, can save inks in your ink print cartridges. If you use toner cartridges, it does not matter how often you printing but it does matter while using inkjet printer. Inks usually dry quickly, if you not print frequently with every short intervals of time. So, here are some basic steps to protect your ink cartridges and save your print inks from getting dry.
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Use of Toner and Ink Cartridges

Unlike the printer toner cartridges, ink cartridges are perishable. If you don’t use ink cartridge every 4 to 7 days, your ink will dry. So here is a suggestion from eBargainshop, the UK’s best supplier of ink cartridges,  as to how to use ink cartridges every day for the long lasting life of ink. Ink cartridge users may not always be aware that ink can also dry even without using it.

Careful Print Commands

User of ink cartridges sometimes gives the print command without having a look at page preview. In Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010, it is under the print command that, when you click on it, you will able to click on page preview. Looking at page preview will help you save ink cartridges because it will tell you whether you are printing within the right format and it will save you making mistakes and wasting inks and papers. Because if there is any mistake you can solve it within preview, but once you hit the ctrl + p key without proper format, you can waste the ink as well as paper.

Think Money, Think Environment

Wasting ink cartridges not only means wasting your precious money but also destroying our environment. For sake of environment you should do 2 simple things. First, you should not destroy the ink cartridges. Second, always purchase refill ink cartridges; you can buy high quality cartridges at cheap price from online cartridge store  

Printing Photos

Some of our beloved users of black ink cartridges give a command for photo printing while using only black printer inks. It only destroys ink cartridges for the printing of photos. You should have colour printer and use colour ink cartridges.  To give you high printing quality at cheap prices, your own online cartridge shop, eBargainshop, has rainbow packs where black, cyan, yellow and magenta cartridges are pack together to give you bargain cartridge deals. Purchasing rainbow packs from us will save you almost 50%. However, it is also advised to all users of colour ink cartridges to make sure you regularly use all colour print outs to save your inks from getting dry. Both Black and Colour inkjet cartridges need some works almost every week.

Eco-Friendly Inkjet Cartridges

Always use eco friendly ink cartridges which are also known as refill inkjet cartridges. It is applicable for all Brands like Brother Ink cartridges, Epson ink cartridges, Canon Ink Cartridge, Samsung Ink Cartridges, Dell Ink Cartridge, HP ink cartridges, and all other major brands.

Do you Really Need to Print?

It is also advisable use printers only when you need your work in hard copies; otherwise there are a lot of other external devices like pen drive and other user friendly devices which you can to carry your documents and access them remotely.

Use Software to reduces Cost

There are plenty of soft wares which help to remove those columns and areas which you don’t want to print, which will again help you save inks and papers. So, saving ink is best option to save money and save earth!

Black Ink Cartridge: Combo Packs also sells cheap combo packs of black ink cartridges with FREE DELIVERY, which also save a lot of money for the regular user of black printing outputs. For the public sector authorities, eBargainshop has 30 days credit facility so enjoy this facility by purchasing ink cartridges.

This article is written by Abdur Rahman Quadri 

Team member of

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